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2023.05.30 issue

TR, ATR, RX and SA have been received Biomass Mark certification from the Japan Organics. Recycling Association (JORA)

Choose our greenproducts for a better future!
The Biomass Mark is granted to products that use plant-derived resources (biomass) and whose quality and safety are certified as compliant with relevant regulations, standards, and specifications. The mark indicates that the product is made from renewable organic resources and environmentally friendly.

2023.05.10 issue

NEW UL approved PORON 3grades of the heat resistant series

To meet the need for UL-certified products, UL certification (UL94 HBF) has been obtained for three grades: TR-20, TR-24 and ATR-24. The features of each grade are summarised in a leaflet

2021.12.05 issue

Consumer series SA-30 leaflet

Maintaining excellent flexibility, SA grade can absorb heavy impact, which is an ideal microcellular polyurethane foam for any sports applications.

2018.06.15 issue

Multi-seal foam ATR leaflet

ATR is multi-seal foam which has both excellent Air/Dust/Water seal ability and high heat resistance /high durability.
PR type with enhanced high sealability by improving adhesion to surface is available in our line-up.

2017.12.19 issue

CONSUMER series sample book

Consumer series offer outstanding cushioning performance and new-sensation contour-fitting performance, and they can be used as a padding or component material to provide shock absorption in all kinds of shoe insoles as well as sportswear and other sporting goods.

Jan 2016 issue

High Flame Retardant leaflet

RX-32 is a high flame retardant and halogen free grade which acquires UL94 V-0 standard. It exhibits high performance with temperature up to 110℃.

Aug 2015 issue

Heat resistance series leaflet

A heat-resistant grade able to be used in temperatures up to 110℃.
Compared with general urethane foam, this product has overwhelming low compression set at high temperature ranges and boasts the longest property stability among PORON products.

Apr 2015 issue

Water proof series leaflet

A waterproof grade featuring PET support with water-repellence.
This product satisfies a level at which it could pass the IPX7 equivalent test and is ideal material for waterproof packing in electronic devices which are frequently used outdoors, such as smartphones and video cameras.

Dec 2014 issue

Water expanded sealing grade sample sheet

A revolutionary grade which features the low compression set of PORON as well as water-sealing through swelling.
It can be used as a waterproofing material in construction, civil engineering, and household equipment.

2022.12.31 issue

Physical properties / Product availability


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May 2015 issue

Electronics application sample book

A sample book proposing mobile&electronics applications. Introduces the special grades of PORON and NanNex, which meet demands such as high reliability, compactness, lightweight and thinness, as well as examples of usage.

Aug 2015 issue

Automotive application sample book

A sample book proposing automotive/car electronics applications. Introduces the special grades of PORON and NanNex as functional material ideal for engine room and internal/external parts and material to build comfortable travelling space, as well as provides examples of usage.


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