Privacy Policy

ROGERS INOAC CORPORATION (hereinafter “RIC”) complies with the laws related to personal information protection and believes that protecting personal information is the foundation of business activities and a social responsibility. This Privacy Policy explains how RIC handles our customers’ personal information.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Customer Personal Information

Personal information collected from customers will be used for the following purposes. However, information shall not be used for all of the below purposes but rather within the scope consented to by the customer after information has been individually collected and the purpose of use clarified.

  • To provide RIC’s product information (including catalogs), services and plans to customers.
  • To perform administrative processing related to the dispatch, return, exchange and so forth of RIC’s products.
  • To deliver or install RIC’s products in customers’ houses, buildings, etc.
  • To perform after-sale service and maintenance on RIC’s products.
  • To perform surveys on the usage status of RIC’s products and services, customer satisfaction and other surveys related to improving products development and services.
  • To contact customers in emergency situations.
  • To respond to questions, feedback and requests received from customers.
  • To perform actions accompanying the above.

【Regarding Personal Information Collected Prior to April 1, 2005】

RIC will also use personal information collected prior to the enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information within the scope of the abovementioned purposes of use. If you do not consent to the purposes of use, please contact us using the details mentioned in Item 9.

Safety Measures for Personal Information

In order to safely manage and operate the personal information of our customers, RIC implements rational and appropriate safety measures to prevent risks such as unauthorized external access of personal information, loss, damage, destructive modification, leaks and illegal leaks outside of the company. Moreover, we will allocate a person in charge of managing personal information protection in each division that handles personal information and strive to appropriately manage personal information at the same time as establishing company rules relating to safe management and conducting employee training relating to the protection of personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Unless one of the below situations applies, personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties under any circumstances.

  • If the customer’s consent has been obtained.
  • If personal information is provided in a state whereby the individual customer cannot be specified or identified.
  • If the handling of personal information has been outsourced to another company in order to achieve smooth business operation. (In such cases, we will implement appropriate management by selecting a company that has sufficient protection standards and entering into a contract to prevent leaks and provision of information to another party.)
  • If RIC provides quotations, plans or product drawings to RIC’s trading partners related to the purchase or installation of RIC’s products after obtaining the customer’s consent.
  • If RIC provides personal information to a group company affiliated with RIC within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use explained in Item 3 after obtaining the customer’s
  • If required to provide by laws and regulations.
  • If necessary in order to protect human life and prevent personal injury or damage to property when the obtainment of the customer’s consent is difficult.
  • If necessary to cooperate with a national institution, regional public organization or someone outsourced by such to fulfil tasks stipulated by law and if the obtainment of the customer’s consent may obstruct the fulfilment of the said tasks.

Disclosure of Personal Information

RIC will disclose personal information without delay if requested to do so by the individual whom the personal information belongs to. However, we may not disclose such information, in whole or part, if either of the following circumstances apply, and in such a case, we will notify the requesting individual without delay. As a general rule, RIC will not disclose information other than personal information, such as access logs.

  • If there is a risk of jeopardizing the life of the individual themselves or a third party, personal injury, property damage or harming rights and interests other than these.
  • If there is a risk of notably obstructing the appropriate execution of RIC’s business tasks.
  • If doing so is in violation of other laws.

Corrections, etc. to Personal Information

If RIC is requested by the individual themselves to correct, add or delete (hereinafter referred to as “correct”) personal information on the basis that it is inaccurate, excluding cases where special procedures are required by law, RIC will conduct the necessary investigation without delay within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use and, based on the result of such an investigation, correct personal information, etc. and notify the requesting individual that a correction has been made.

Privacy Policy Revisions

RIC may make revisions to our Privacy Policy in order to protect the personal information of our customers or respond to changes in laws or other standards. Information on any revisions made will be disclosed on RIC’s website.


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