PET Support Thin Material Series

PET film body molding technology realizes a thinner foam with a low resilience and contains additional features, such as flame-retardant properties. This series can satisfy any fields of customer needs.

  • SR-S
    • Slow rebound

    The SR-S grade is produced by integrated foaming technology with SR grade and PET film. This type combines softness and strength and has been well applied to various products like smartphones, LCD packing for PCs, and others.

  • TSR

    This grade is extra high strength and toughness type of SR-S-15P with softness and low resilience properties. High

  • SR-U
    • Slow rebound
    • Flame Retardant

    SR-U is flame-retardant and low resilience material.

  • SS
    • High resilient
    • Low temperature dependency

    This is high-resistance material like the Standerd series, but it has superior softness equal to that of SR-S grade. It features excellent temperature dependence.

  • WP
    • Waterproof

    Our own unique formulation technology has made this type to achieve excellent water repellency. The WP type passed IPX7 equivalent test.                  

  • MS
    • High resilient
    • Flame Retardant

    This type is produced by integrated foaming technology with Low-Outgassing Flame-Retardant series MS/MH and PET film. That is, this is the high resistant and flame retardant type in the PET Support series. The PR-grade version with removable PET film is also available. (MS-40PR)

  • EXT
    • Thinness

    EXT is the thinnest (0.1mm) grade in the PET Support series. We developed the EXT type to meet the demands of lighter weight and thinner thickness for smartphones, PCs and other devices.


  • thinness

    Achieving a maximum thinness of 0.1 mm

  • softness

    Giving all of our grades softness.

  • Rigid

    Maintaining rigidity at the same time as being thin and soft.

Physical Properties / Product Availability

?Product grade?How to use the chart
FunctionHardnessColorDensityTensile strengthElongationTear strength25%
SR-S-15P0.5~2.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft150kg/m3---0.006MPa*11.0%
SR-S-20P0.3~0.4PET Support Thin MaterialSoft200kg/m3---0.006MPa1.6%
SR-S-24P0.7~3.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft240kg/m3---0.008MPa2.7%
SR-S-32P0.2~2.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft320kg/m3---0.011MPa2.2%
SR-S-40P0.4~1.5PET Support Thin MaterialSoft400kg/m3---0.015MPa2.0%
SR-S-48P0.3PET Support Thin MaterialSoft480kg/m3---0.022MPa2.0%
SR-S-70P0.15~0.2PET Support Thin MaterialSoft700kg/m3---0.016MPa*24.0%*4
TSR-15P0.5~1.0PET Support Thin Material
Surface Strength
SS-24P1.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft240kg/m3---0.007MPa1.6%
SS-32P0.5PET Support Thin MaterialSoft320kg/m3---0.010MPa2.0%
WP-24P0.5~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
WP-32P0.3~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
WP-40P0.3~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
MS-40P0.4~1.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft400kg/m3---0.054MPa3.0%
MS-40PR0.5~1.0PET Support Thin Material
MH-48P0.3PET Support Thin MaterialHard480kg/m3---0.284MPa4.0%
EXT0.1PET Support Thin MaterialSoft900kg/m3---0.007MPa*26.8%*4

※The figures all indicate representative values.
※The *1 mark of 25% compressive load is 40% compressive load, the *2 mark is 10% compressive load and the *3 mark is 50% compressive load.
※The *4 mark of compression set is a measurement taken using a test method with a 25% compression rate.
※The measurement method is our test method based on JIS standard.

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