Consumer Series

A high-performance shock-absorbent series with cushioning and shape traceability properties making it ideal for applications such as shoe insoles and sports pads.

  • TM

    A high shock-absorbent type with the highest energy absorption of PORON products. TM changes hardness depending on speed and offers shape traceability around body temperature.

  • TG

    A shock absorbent type with the same contour-fitting as the TM grade but two times less compression set.

  • BB

    The PORON grade with the highest resilience, BB instantly rebounds any energy it is impacted by and exhibits superior elasticity.

  • FW

    An entry type with a good balance of shock absorption and moderate impact resilience.(FW-27EG)

  • SA

    Maintaining excellent flexibility, SA grade can absorb heavy impact, which is an ideal microcellular polyurethane foam for any sports applications.

Physical Properties / Product Availability

?Product grade?How to use the chart
FunctionHardnessColorDensityTensile strengthElongationTear strength25%
SA-301.0~5.0Color(Other than Black)Normalさくら300kg/m31.03MPa133%3.5N/mm0.07MPa0.8%
TM-202.0~5.0Color(Other than Black)Softオレンジ200kg/m30.99MPa171%3.3N/mm0.05MPa2.4%
TM-152.0~5.0Color(Other than Black)Softサーモンレッド150kg/m30.81MPa166%2.7N/mm0.035MPa2.2%
TG-243.0~5.0Color(Other than Black)Normalオレンジ240kg/m31.21MPa120%3.3N/mm0.08MPa1.2%
FW-272.0~3.0Color(Other than Black)Normalブルーオレンジダークグレー270kg/m31.00MPa120%2.5N/mm0.08MPa4.5%
Color(Other than Black)

※The figures all indicate representative values.
※The *1 mark of 25% compressive load is 40% compressive load, the *2 mark is 10% compressive load and the *3 mark is 50% compressive load.
※The *4 mark of compression set is a measurement taken using a test method with a 25% compression rate.
※The measurement method is our test method based on JIS standard.

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