PORON Microcellular Polymer Sheets


Microcellular polymer sheets, PORON®, are products manufactured by ROGERS INOAC CORPORATION, a joint venture between INOAC CORPORATION, Japan, and ROGERS CORPORATION, U.S.A. PORON® products, high performance urethane foam materials, feature a unique cell structure with high levels of density, minuteness and uniformity.

PORON Microcellular Polymer Sheets See the physical properties


Microcellular Construction

It has a fine and uniform cell structure compared to other materials (semi-continuous air cells).

Microcellular Construction

Basic Characteristics

PORON demonstrates features and characteristics not found in other material, due to its distinctive cell structures.

  • Low compression set

    PORON has extremely low compression set.

  • High sealability

    PORON provides high sealing performance.

  • Excellent energy absorption

    PORON offers excellent impact absorption.

  • No migration

    PORON has minimal migrate effect on other materials.

  • High dimensional stability

    PORON provides excellent dimensional stability.

  • High fabricating efficiency

    PORON is the material with high fabricating efficiency.

  • Thickness accuracy

    PORON offers outstanding thickness accuracy.

PLUS technology

Responding to all needs with original processing technology

Special blending technology

PORON’s original core technology responding to a diversity of needs, including flame retardancy, heat resistance, waterproof, water sealability, high strength, low density and antistatic.

Integral molding technology

A technology which maximizes PORON’s performance represented by PET support pursuing thinness and rigidity, PET release with improved workability and the latest technology which applies adhesive agent.

Special surface technology

A technology to fully apply a stable, high grip force, opposing high sliding force and other friction performances, as well as a technology responding to elaborate surface control such as surface adhesion and surface strength.

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