NanNex Noncombustible Silicone Sheets


The non-combustible silicone sheet, NanNex, is a high expansion silicone foam that has been developed by taking advantage of the latest polymer technologies. It features unprecedented, superior properties, including excellent heat/cold resistance and low combustibility, providing a wide range of applications.

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Basic Characteristics

With superior heat-resistance, cold-resistance and low combustion, NanNex is ideal for use in key mechanism components.

  • Heat and cold resistance

    Compared with other foam materials, NanNex can be used over a wide temperature range.

  • Weather resistance

    NanNex withstands any environmental conditions, and retains its properties over extended periods.

  • Flame-retardant

    Conforms to the UL standard. Emits an extremely minimal amount of toxic gas in the unlikely event that it does combust.

  • Low compression set

    NanNex will not collapse under repeated pressure or continuous compression.

  • Lengthy / composite

    Through our unique manufacturing process, NanNex can be supplied in a wide range of lengths and thickness, and is compatible with other materials.

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