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Microcellular Polymer Sheets PORON®
Noncombustible Silicone Sheets NanNex
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Microcellular polymer sheets, PORON®, are products manufactured by Rogers-INOAC Corporation, a joint venture between INOAC Corporation, Japan, and Rogers Corporation, U.S.A. PORON® products, high performance urethane foam materials, feature a unique cell structure with high levels of density, minuteness and uniformity.
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PORON® HandHeldPORON® ImagingPORON® Foot PadPORON®/NanNex Automotive
Basic characteristics of Microcellular polymer sheets PORON®
Low compression set
Low compression set
PORON® has very low compression set.
High sealability
High sealability
PORON® provides high sealing performance.
Excellent energy absorption
PORON® offers excellent impact absorption.
No migration
No migration
PORON® has very no migration effect on other materials.
High dimensional stability
High dimensional stability
PORON® provides excellent dimensional stability.
High fabricaing efficiency
High fabricaing efficiency
PORON® is a material with high fabricating efficiency.
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Standard series
The Standard series consists of various products with a wide, well-balanced combination of hardness and density. This series reliably meets the needs of a wide range of internal components, including toner seals and other components that require vibration isolation and shock absorption. Physical Properties/Product Availability
LE is the softest product in the standard series. With its low stress property and compressibility, this type has been widely used for toner seals.
L is a softer product in the standard series, being used for a wide range of cushioning and packing materials.
H is a hard product in the standard series. This type offers a high physical strength, being used as sealing materials or vibration dumping materials.
HH is a harder product, primarily being used for the foot pads of audio devices, home electric appliances and office appliances. The C type that has excellent gripping property is also available.
LO/FR series
Little gas generation and high flame resistance (conformable to UL94 HBF) by using non-halogen-based materials, complying with the requirements for safety and environments. Physical Properties/Product Availability
MS is a product similar to the LE type in the standard series. It is one of the softest materials among the LO/FR series, allowing for production of very thin products.
ML is a soft material similar to the L type in the standard series.
MH is a hard material similar to the H type in the standard series.
Thin PET Support material series
In addition to current products of SR-S and MS/MH, we have developed ASRS, SR-U and SS types, allowing for additional variations that may meet a wider range of our customers. Physical Properties/Product Availability
SR-S, produced by integrally molding PET film and SR compound that offers low resilience, is a material with proper softness and rigidity. Slow reboundSoft
ASRS is a material to which antistatic characteristics have been added. It inherits SR-S's superior characteristics such as low resilience, thinness, as well as rigidity that comes from the integral molding with PET. ASRS is suited for the use in products that need to prevent static electricity. Slow reboundSoftAntistatic
Slow-rebound, flame retardant type is also available complying with UL 94 HBF. Slow reboundSoftFlame resistant
SS is a new grade material that features the same hardness as the SR-S type, while retaining the same level of resilience as the PORON® Standard series. High resilientSoftLow temperature dependency
MS/MH is produced in the process where types MS and MH in the LO/FR series are integrally casted onto PET film, offering the same high degree of resilience as conventional PORON® products. High resilientFlame resistant
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Food Pad series
Foot Pad series is produced based on a comparably high hardness grade. The products are usually used as excellent for foot pads. Physical Properties/Product Availability
This is a hard type of material with a good overall balance.
HH, a super hard type, is very hard and provides very high load bearing capability.
This is the hardest material among the Foot Pad series products, offering the load bearing property equivalent to that of solid materials. It also provides excellent gripping forces due to the HF coating.
Coating series
The Coating series offers a slippery surface through a special surface treatment, while maintaining the existing high performance characteristics of PORON®. Physical Properties/Product Availability
LE-20LF is a material produced by applying a special surface treatment to the LE type of the Standard series. This product provides improved levels of surface slip characteristics, non-adhesiveness and also excels in preventing friction noises.
This material is produced by applying a special surface treatment to LO/FR Series Type MS-40. This product combines outstanding flexibility with high surface strength.
Flame resistant hardest type: Hardest type in the PORON® Foot Pad series, offering excellent load bearing characteristics. This type provides a stable and high gripping force due to HF coating.
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