PET Support Thin Material Series

PET film body molding technology realizes a thinner foam with a low resilience and contains additional features, such as flame-retardant properties. This series can satisfy any fields of customer needs.

  • SR-S
    • Slow rebound

    The SR grade with low resistance is formed by casting low-resistance SR onto a PET film. Combining softness and strength, it has a great track record for products like smartphones, packaging LCD displays for PCs, and etc.

  • TSR

    This grade is extra high strength type of SR-S-15P with its softness and low-elasticity remained.

  • SR-N
    • Slow rebound
    • Flame Retardant

    SR-N and SR-U are flame-retardant materials and are UL94-HBF-certified.

  • ASRS
    • Slow rebound
    • Antistatic

    ASRS has all the same excellent advantages as SR-S. Additionally ASRS is resistant to static electricity. It is ideal for anti-static application.

  • SS
    • High resilient
    • Low temperature dependency

    This high-resistance material, while similar to the Standard series, is equivalent in softness to the SR-S grade. Its features excellent temperature dependence.

  • WP
    • Waterproof

    With our own unique formulation technology, this grade increased water-repellent performance. This waterproof type passes IPX7 equivalent test.                  

  • MS
    • High resilient
    • Flame Retardant

    This version of MS/MH is formed by casting Low-Outgassing Flame-Retardant Series MS/MH onto a PET film in the same mold. This is the PET Support Series’ flame-retardant material. A PR-grade version with removable PET film is also available. (MS-40PR)

  • EXT
    • Thinness

    EXT is our thinnest (0.1mm) grade in the PET support series. It is a response to the demand for lighter and thinner smartphones, PCs, wearable and other devices.


  • thinness

    Achieving a maximum thinness of 0.1 mm

  • softness

    Giving all of our grades softness.

  • Rigid

    Maintaining rigidity at the same time as being thin and soft.

Physical Properties / Product Availability

?Product grade?How to use the chart
(JIS K 6401)
Tensile strength
(JIS K 6251)
(JIS K 6251)
Tear strength
(JIS K 6252)
(JIS K 6254)
(JIS K 6401)
SR-S-15P0.5~2.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft150kg/m3---0.006MPa*11.0%
SR-S-20P0.3~0.4PET Support Thin MaterialSoft200kg/m3---0.008MPa*11.6%
SR-S-24P0.7~3.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft240kg/m3---0.008MPa2.7%
SR-S-32P0.2~2.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft320kg/m3---0.011MPa2.2%
SR-S-40P0.4~1.5PET Support Thin MaterialSoft400kg/m3---0.015MPa2.0%
SR-S-48P0.3PET Support Thin MaterialSoft480kg/m3---0.022MPa2.0%
SR-S-70P0.15~0.2PET Support Thin MaterialSoft700kg/m3---0.016MPa*24.0%*4
SR-S-15PN0.5~1.0PET Support Thin Material
TSR-15P0.5~1.0PET Support Thin Material
Surface Strength
SR-N-15P0.5~1.0Flame-Retardant(UL 94)
PET Support Thin Material
SR-U-40P0.5~1.0Flame-Retardant(UL 94)
PET Support Thin Material
ASRS-40PA0.4~1.0PET Support Thin Material
SS-24P1.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft240kg/m3---0.007MPa1.6%
SS-32P0.5PET Support Thin MaterialSoft320kg/m3---0.010MPa2.0%
WP-24P0.5~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
WP-32P0.3~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
WP-40P0.3~2.0PET Support Thin Material
Water Proof・Water Seal
MS-40P0.4~1.0PET Support Thin MaterialSoft400kg/m3---0.054MPa3.0%
MS-40PR0.5~1.0Flame-Retardant(UL 94)
PET Support Thin Material
MH-48P0.3PET Support Thin MaterialHard480kg/m3---0.284MPa4.0%
EXT0.1PET Support Thin MaterialSoft900kg/m3---0.007MPa*26.8%*4

※The figures all indicate representative values.
※The *1 mark of 25% compressive load is 40% compressive load, the *2 mark is 10% compressive load and the *3 mark is 50% compressive load
※The *4 mark of compression set is a measurement taken using a test method with a 25% compression rate.

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