Does PORON contaminate adherent objects?

PORON is a clean material free of plasticizer therefore has hardly any effect on the contamination of adherent objects.

What is the maximum temperature can PORON be used?

In general, urethane foam is considered capable of withstand temperature up to 80℃ and this applies to PORON as well. Care must be taken if used at temperatures above 80℃ or at 80℃ continuously as performances may drop. For high-heat environments we recommend the Heat-Resistant Series TR Grade which has a low compression set even at 110℃.

Does PORON undergo hydrolysis?

PORON is an ether-based urethane foam therefore does not easily undergo hydrolysis.

Can PORON be used outdoors?

Generally speaking, urethane foam is not weather resistant. For this reason, we do not recommend outdoor application where it could be directly exposed to UV rays and rain.

What is the PORON thickness tolerance?

The thickness tolerance is ±10% of its original thickness 0.6mm or more, and ±0.05 mm for all grades with an original thickness of 0.5 mm or less. However, the thickness tolerance of EXT and SR-S-70P-0.15t is ±0.03mm.

What is the PORON maximum thickness and width?

The maximum thickness is 20 mm, while the maximum width is 500 ㎜ for general products and 1000 mm for custom-made products. The maximum size depends on the type of PORON. Please contact for confirmation.

Can I change the PORON color?

Yes. However, special production is needed so please feel free to contact us with your request. (Not available for some types)

Does PORON have a top and a bottom surface?

We sell PORON in rolls and the outer side of the roll is the top surface, while the inner side of the roll is the bottom surface. For some products, the top surface is treated with special coating. Generally, double-sided tape is laminated to the bottom surface.

About NanNex

Why is the NanNex thickness and width of the Standard (TL) Series different from other series?

RIC manufactures the TL Series while other series are imported from Rogers Corporation, U.S.

What is the maximum temperature can NanNex be used?

Typically between 150℃ and 180℃.

What is low-molecular siloxane?

Low-molecular siloxane is the generic name for low-molecular silicate organic composite which is included in silicone material and NanNex. Low-molecular siloxane may vaporize at ordinary temperatures and pressures and be suspended in the atmosphere. It has been pointed out that volatilization of low-molecular siloxane near electronic components may cause contact failures.

Does NanNex have a top and bottom surface?

We sell NanNex in rolls and the outer side of the roll is the top surface, while the inner side of the roll is the bottom surface. Both sides of the roll are essentially the same performance-wise however when used by laminating with double-sided tape, generally the tape is laminated to bottom surface.

What flammability standard does NanNex conform to?

In addition to UL94, our NanNex lineup conforms to aircraft and railway Flammability Standards. For details, please see the Thickness Chart by Flammability Standard abailable on the NanNex Physical Properties page.

General questions

How can I purchase PORON and NanNex products?

INOAC CORPORATION has branches and sales offices in eight locations nationwide and delivers products to customers via our sales distributors in each region. Our products can also be purchased overseas through INOAC CORPORATION's overseas sales network.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to request pricing quotation?

RIC is not selling directly products therefore we cannot provide a direct answer. Products are sold both within Japan and abroad via INOAC CORPORATION's sales network. Please contact us about quotations, etc.

How can I request samples or catalogs?

You can request samples and catalogs using our online inquiry form. The quantity we can provide is limited.

Do your products satisfy RoHS, REACH and other environmental standards?

Yes. Both PORON and NanNex are environmentally-friendly products.

What is compression set?

Compression set shows the change in thickness before and after compression. A small compression set value means a little change to thickness. This is an indicator of long-term sealability. Compared with other foaming material, PORON has an extremely low compression set and offers long-term sealing properties.

What is VOC?

VOC is an abbreviation "Volatile Organic Compound" and may result in problems such as the fogging of glass if VOC is emitted in large volumes. In the PORON Low-Outgassing Flame-Retardant Series, VOC has been minimized as much as possible.

What is yellowing?

Yellowing is a phenomenon where a material turns yellow as time passes and is often observed in urethane foam.
Yellowing is also observed in PORON however this does not affect physical properties and you can continue using our PORON products.

What kind of double-sided tape do you recommend?

In general, acrylic tape is used with PORON and silicone tape is used with NanNex.