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Microcellular Polymer Sheets PORON®
Noncombustible Silicone Sheets NanNex
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Microcellular Polymer Sheets PORON® detail pages
Microcellular polymer sheets, PORON®, are products manufactured by Rogers-INOAC Corporation, a joint venture between INOAC Corporation, Japan, and Rogers Corporation, U.S.A. PORON® products, high performance urethane foam materials, feature a unique cell structure with high levels of density, minuteness and uniformity.
Microcellular Polymer Sheets PORON®
 NanNex noncombustible silicone sheets nannex  detail pages
The non-combustible silicone sheet, NanNe, is a high expansion silicone foam that has been developed by taking advantage of the latest polymer technologies. It features unprecedented, superior properties, including excellent heat/cold resistance and low combustibility, providing a wide range of applications.
 NanNex noncombustible silicone sheets nannex
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