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PORON®Heat resistance grade

PDFLO/FR series TR grade(pdf)

LO/FR Series TR grade is a series that retains the basic PORON characteristics of high sealability, vibration absorption, and high dimensional stability, and also has high heat resistance. It boasts lower compression set at high temperature ranges than general urethane foam.

PORON®Water proof grade

PDFPET SUPPORT series WP grade(pdf)

PET Support Series WP grade retains the basic PORON characteristics of high sealability, vibration absorption, and high dimensional stability, and is also waterproof. This material also offers water repellence by using RIC’s own exclusive PORON Plus technology, and it has passed testing at levels equivalent to IPX7.

PORON®Foot Pad series EG type

PDFEG type(pdf)

Type EG is a new addition to the Foot Pad Series that retains the basic PORON characteristics of vibration absorption, high gripping performance, and stain resistance, along with low adhesion. It supports the “footing” of a wide variety of products, regardless of whether the load is heavy or light.


PDFTM,TG,BB,FW grades(pdf)

The TM, TG and FW grades offer outstanding cushioning performance and new-sensation contour-fitting performance, and they can be used as a padding or component material to provide shock absorption in all kinds of shoe insoles as well as sportswear and other sporting goods.

PORON®Water expanded sealing  grade

PDFWA grades(pdf)

Type WA-20 is a landmark product that adds RIC's own exclusive PORON Plus technology to the high sealability offered as a basic characteristic of PORON. It can be used as a waterproofing material in construction, civil engineering, and household equipment.

NanNex®TL series TL3503 grade

PDFTL series TL3503 grade(pdf)

We have added "TL3503" to our NanNex standard type TL Series, which offers high flame resistance (UL94 V-0) and the same characteristics as previous NanNex materials but is less expensive. We have also standardized the VC type acrylic adhesive specification, produced with a special double-sided treatment, and the VT type with a double-sided acrylic tape specification. These specifications offer greatly reduced costs and simpler bonding processes.

NanNex Acrylic adheasive type

PDFTL series N type(pdf)

TL Series Type N is produced by bonding acrylic adhesive tape to the standard type of NanNex TL Series, using a special surface treatment. It achieves much greater cost savings than other silicone foams because acrylic adhesive tape can be used. It also simplifies the bonding process. This series retains the characteristics of high-performance PORON material and offers new capabilities like high friction, high slidability, and high surface strength, using special surface technologies.

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