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Customer Satisfaction. This goal began with the development of globally high technology materials by ROGERS and INOAC.
INOAC Corporation was the first to develop urethane foam in Japan. Through its tradition and technique for 70 years, INOAC has become one of the most important producers of Polymer products. Rogers Corporation founded in 1832, has established a position as one of the best high technology companies in the field of specialty materials and components for communication, transportation, imaging, computer, and consumer markets. Rogers Inoac Corporation was established in 1984, to join the strengths of these two companies in material development and high technology in order to provide customer satisfaction worldwide.

Since the start, we have been an innovative, creative, unique and aggressive group. Rogers Inoac Corporation's goal is to create "the new century of environment" with its business principle, "Specialty Materials for Customers Worldwide".

The RIC goal is total customer satisfaction. The RIC goal is total customer satisfaction.
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