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Microcellular Polymer Sheets PORON®
Noncombustible Silicone Sheets NanNex
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1984 ROGERS INOUE Co. ltd. established in Jinno, Atsuta Ward, Nagoya.
Production of molded high performance polymer ENDUR-C, and the importing and marketing of PORON® commenced.
1985 Production of PORON® commenced.
1986 Second production line for ENDUR-C established.
1987 ENDUR-CHFG facsimile paper feed rollers brought to market.
1988 Production of ENDUR-C slip rollers commenced.
Development of silicone foam product as PORON® heat resistant grade commenced.
1989 Third production line for ENDUR-C established incorporating automated injection. Jinno Instruments Co. ltd. established as a fabrication company for the INOAC Group's OA equipment rollers.
1990 Company name changed to ROGERS INOAC Co. ltd.
Shock absorbing elastomer CALMGEL brought to market.
Production of PORON® LA as HDD gaskets brought to market.
1991 Production of silicon foam sheet NanNex commenced.
Examination of conductive rollers ENDUR-LE commenced.
1992 Second production line for PORON® established at linangun, lidaka-cho in Mie Prefecture.
1993 Production of conductive rollers ENDUR-LE commenced.
1994 Examination of silicon conductive rollers ENDUR-SFLE/SSLE commenced.
1995 ISO9002 Certification granted. Production and marketing of silicon conductive rollers ENDUR-SFLE/SSLE commenced.
1996 Processing of ENDUR-C commenced at INOAC Malaysian facility.
1997 High rigidity PORON® FH brought to market as rubber pads.
Production of silicon paper feeding roller ENDUR-SSHF commenced.
1998 Shock absorbent grade PORON® SR brought to market.
1999 ISO9001 Certification acquired. ISO14001 Certification acquired. Ultra thin single piece cosmetic PET PORON® SR-S-40P brought to market.
Low out gassing/flame retardant PORON® LO/FR brought to market.
2000 Ultra-rigid PORON® MX-48HF brought to market.
2001 PORON® LE-20LF on market.
2002 Endur depart shifted to Inoac.
Anti-statis 「ASRS」launch market.
2003 Flame resistant「SR-U」on the market.
Fast rebound ,super soft 「SS」launch market.
Friction sheet 「PS series 」launch market.
2007 Taketoyo Plant newly established in Taketoyo, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture.
2009 Business center moved to Taketoyo, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture.
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